Friday, 31 August 2012

58/100 Stop, travellers

Stop, travellers.   The way goes no further.
Stop.   Beyond this moor the tracks of wolf and of creatures that have no name.

[from ‘The last gate’, George Mackay Brown, The wreck of the Archangel]


  1. Here be dragons!

    I like that bit.

    I got the collected poems and I'm planning to take them on holiday to read. It's not Orkney - but it is at least an island!

    1. Enjoy your holiday - you are the third person I've managed to introduce to GMB so I hope hey don't conflict too much with the Welshness. Perhaps you should take Dylan too.

    2. I took UMW the year before last. I've actually obtained a copy of a historical novel about the copper industry on Anglesey so I'm hoping that'll be nicely in keeping.