Saturday, 1 September 2012

59/100 under the fourth moon

We sat hungry
Between a loch and a mountain
On the hundredth morning, under
The fourth moon.

[from ‘Voyager’, George Mackay Brown, from 'Selected Poems 1954-1992']


  1. "On the hundredth morning" Shouldn't you have saved that till last? Or am I missing something?

    Gorgeous picture. I WILL get to Orkney one day. We've been looking at it but the prices are just silly from here. It would cost us nearly a grand just to get to Aberdeen. :(

    1. For the second time this morning I am writing 'dammit' in response to a remark about this post!! (Sina on FB mentioned quilts/handcrafts and I immedtiately thought of a satin-appliquéd cushion cover) and now, yes of course if I'd had brain in gear I might've saved this 'til last. But I was thinking moons.
      And will hope to find another reference to a hundred somewhere else.
      Re Orkney - we are going up for a second time this year, for a crime-writers festival in October and yes I am told that it'll cost a grand if we fly from Edinburgh.
      Seriously I would recommend the ferry from Scrabster to Stromness as the absolute best way to arrive in Orkney for the first time, but it's a lot of driving to get there. B&Bs on the way are excellent though ...