Tuesday, 21 August 2012

48/100 after that Godsent storm

I tell you this, my son:  after
That Godsent storm, I find peace here
These many years with
The grey monks of Eynhallow.

[from ‘The Storm’, George Mackay Brown, 'Selected Poems 1954-1992']


  1. Adore this painting and the poem. Amazing.

  2. I really like the landscapes. I'd like to see an exhibition of your work so I can get the scale of them.

    1. NOTHING on here gives any impression of what my work is really like I'm afraid - this particular piece is a small detail of a collaged drawing (now sold) which was ~24"x 33", overlaid in Photoshop with an ~8" x 10" print, and 'exists' only as you see it here - except that I could also print it at maybe 5" square (I haven't tried)
      I have a few exhibition photos - I'll attempt to put them on Flickr. Sorry - it seems like a bit of a cheat, I know.