Friday, 12 October 2012

100/100 For dragon eggs?

Shall we open the door?  What story, the old or the new?
We have lived so long and so well
In our green fable
Shall we open the doors? 

[from ‘Uranium 2’, George Mackay Brown, ‘Travellers’]


  1. Well done for getting to the end of your 100 days. I've been with you all along, even if I haven't commented every day.

    Are you going to miss it? Or do you feel you've done it justice?

    1. Apart from the days when I was in the States and scheduled non-prompted posts from earlier work (albeit GMB inspired) yes I do feel I did it justice, although it was harder than expected at times to tie image and poetry together.
      Certainly I've benefitted much from re-visiting his poetry.
      I have signed up for the fall/winter one but at the moment don't know how I will structure it, it will definitely be visual but I'm hoping for more flexibility to allow for collaboration/response to the posts of others.