Saturday, 28 July 2012

24/100 - Stone waits, half hewn (07 :Fiftieth stone)

One of fifteen digital prints (from a series of thirty-one) made in 2004 in response to George Mackay Brown’s  ‘Brodgar Poems’ which celebrates the building of the Ring of Brodgar, in Stenness, Orkney.
These originally appeared at the ‘Poetry, place and time’ exhibition in the Orkney Gallery.
(I’m on holiday from day 21 until day 35 (25th July-8th August)

George Mackay Brown, Brodgar Poems, Orkney, 100 days of summer

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  1. Oh dear. There's a mountain in there. With heather and grass growing in the foreground. But I guess there would be a mountain at the heart of a stone, wouldn't there?